Early Morning Musings

BTW, you’ll notice I’ve changed the name of the blog. Firstly, I have to thank, with much appreciation, all those of you who sent me suggestions about what to call it. Most of them involved a few words all beginning with the letter “C”, and I have to admit that this ‘device’ usually works, as most of my posts over the past few years on “Ramblings From Rhodes” will bear out.

But then an old school chum of mine, Alan Thomas, with whom I exchange messages from time to time, came up with the one you now see. He pointed out that, if you look up the meaning of the word, it’s completely appropriate for a blog, on which the number of posts continually increases, but that it also contains a terrible pun involving the name of the island that me and the better half now call home.

So, for better or for worse, “Accretions” it is. It’ll grow on you, I promise.

While we wait for the documents to be prepared and the contract to be signed for our new home, we’re staying with our friends in the town of Ierapetra. If you go out of their apartment, it’s literally 90 seconds walk down to the sea front, just a few hundred metres from the town’s ‘promenade’ and right behind a rather swish beach-side bar called the Waikiki. So I up and went down there for a walk at just a little after 7.30am this morning.

Young waitresses were wiping tabletops in the café-bars, young men were hoisting up the umbrellas against the sun, which was already sending signals about how powerful it was going to be in another hour or so. There were folk out power-walking, cycling and jogging, and the occasional angler, hoping to catch his lunch I shouldn’t wonder. In short, life felt good.

So, here are the shots I took as I wandered along the front this morning. Hope you like them:

One of the four or five boats that ship tourists over to Chrissi Island on a daily basis during the season.
The Waikiki at 7.45am
Waikiki again
…and again.
I love the seafront at Ierapetra.
Now go on, tell me that’s not archetypically Greece!
The boats are the ones that take you to Chrissi Island. Tourists are ferried by the coach-load down from Agios Nikolaos and Elounda each day, paraded along the front and shepherded aboard. Watching them reminded me of all those years when I would have been one of the ‘shepherds.’
Speaks for itself, really.

7 thoughts on “Early Morning Musings

  1. Have loved your blog on Rhodes and eagerly look forward to Crete – my favourite place on earth…after Wales!!

  2. looking at your photos is like looking at mine of ierepetra.my current house is between siteia and makrigialos and i have been there many times.as you leave ierepetra towards siteia on the left side quite soon afterwards is a traditional carpenters workshop.they often have items sitting outside,i have bought a few peices there.inside they have an upstairs area but mind your head

  3. Hi John, looks fantastic. If you ever have doubts, remind yourself that down here in usually sunny Devon we had gales and rain today and it truly feels like Autumn. New name is excellent, that’s what mates are for. Many years ago we used to catch the 5.30am ferry out of Agistri on holiday to have breakfast in Aegina harbour. You are right, best part of the day with a nice greek coffee (or two) to start the day. Have one for me…..
    PS my google link does not seem fond of word press.

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